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We are a specialized dental clinic located in Nuevo Laredo Mexico, made up of a staff of specialists with more than 10 years of experience. Our main objective is to see all our patients smile through the practice of preventive and minimally invasive dentistry, creating positive experiences when attending our office.

Clínica dental en ciudad Nuevo Laredo México Clínica dental en ciudad Nuevo Laredo México

Specialized Dentistry in:

Smile Design and Dental Aesthetics
We strive to create the perfect smile according to the facial features and the patient’s mouth, as a result we get symmetrical smiles and a spectacular appearance, function and stability (aesthetic veneers in porcelain and resin)
Prosthesis or Oral Rehabilitation
It allows to return the function, form and aesthetics in cases in which one or more dental pieces have been lost.
Dental Implants
Replacing missing teeth using a product compatible with the organism that is placed in direct contact with the bone resembling the missing root
Also known as root canal treatment, it allows the treatment of diseases of the pulp or nerve of the tooth through its removal or removal, sealing of the cavity and subsequent restoration of the dental piece.
Treat gum disease and periodontium. (Deep cleanings or Cured Curetures – Scraping and root smoothing – Periodontal splints – Crowns lengthening – preventive and curative hygiene techniques)
Orthodontics and Orthopedics
It allows correcting the position of the teeth based on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental development disorders (braces, invisible orthodontics, removable and fixed orthopedics)

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Our specialists

Dra. Mariana Arreaza Payares Specialist in Dental Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation
Dr. Elías Guillermo Changir García Endodontics and Specialist

Testimony of our Patients

Ruby E. Alarcon-CantuRuby E. Alarcon-Cantu
17:15 29 Nov 21
Excellent Service! Thank You Premium Dental for giving me the Smile of my Dreams!They make you feel at home. Great receptionist always available to answer questions at all times.And the best Dentist in Nuevo Laredo Dr. Mariana! Shes very professional and gives you such special attention.I recommend Premium Dent 110%.
alma cruzalma cruz
23:49 11 Aug 21
Im from Laredo TX and all i can say is that both doctors are amazing! Im so very pleased with their work, staff and professionalisms. If you need a dentist this is the place to go, absolutely!
Herianna HerediaHerianna Heredia
00:17 20 Apr 21
excellent service. it was a very special appointment i love it ... 100% recomendéd
Fabio PerezFabio Perez
03:02 21 Feb 21
Hoffman DíazHoffman Díaz
03:01 21 Feb 21